Diamaze Microtechnology SA (DMT) is a worldwide leader in the field of diamond micro-technological development and in the production of diamond based products and components.


Our strategic goal is the continued expansion of our market leadership and to the comprehensive support of our customers in the field diamond micro-parts.


The focal point of our technology is in the production of diamond micro-parts for micromechanical purposes.



Applications, which have been unrealisable with other materials, according to present day know-how, can now be realized by utilizing the exceptional material properties of diamond.


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At DMT, we are working on the optimization of our diamond processing technology in order to overcome today's technological and economical limitations. It is our goal to make diamond available on a large scale for a variety of future applications.


It is economically interesting to consider the use of diamond for compact components, products that have to withstand extreme conditions or for applications that demand high-up times and reliability. The manufacture and miniaturization of such parts requires the use of micro-technological processes that were developed at DMT and its partners.


To insure high quality in our development systems and in our products, DMT is operating according to high quality standard practices and clearly structured processes.