Micro parts made of diamond ? An innovation in micro-technology


Micro parts made of diamond combine value and functionality. Especially in the watch industry, the application of the hardest known material creates completely new design possibilities and advanced functionalities.


Diamond, because of its outstanding material properties, makes the production of inherently stable, shapely and lightweight parts possible. Only diamond incorporates the combination of

  • Extreme mechanical stability
  • Very small density
  • Very small friction coefficient
  • Exceedingly small mechanical wear


Diamaze Microtechnology SA (DMT) accomplishes the production of diamond components by using the most modern methods in micro-technology. The first step is the production of a diamond disk (so-called wafer) in the desired thickness using a CVD process. Subsequently, with the help of the latest plasma techniques and precision templates, the unnecessary material of the diamond disk is removed. With this technique, it is possible to manufacture complex forms with the highest precision. A Component thickness of up to 0,15mm can be produced. This technology results in nearly transparent parts which are composed entirely from diamond.